Vista of Peace

Haifa’s hidden Treasures: Discover and enjoy 29 of the artist  
Ursula Malbin’s beautiful bronze sculptures on constant display since 1978 in the peace garden, the first public sculpture garden in the world dedicated solely to the works of a woman sculptor. The magnificent view from this unique site sweeps over the city to the Mediterranean sea and continues on to the far hills of Galilee and Lebanon.
 Zionism Ave. 112, Haifa Israel. 



Our recent squirrel problem

Some of you  may have heard about our recent squirrel problem that we had at the Atlanta exhibit. We hired a Atlanta squirrel removal expert to take care of the problem in a humane manner. All of the squirrels were released back in the wild, but a great distance from our display :) I am sure that they are all enjoying their live much more now and playing with various raccoon and bat friends.